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Retouching and Editing  

We are experienced in retouching for corporate headshots and marketing imagery.  You can rest assured that your image will be technically perfect and you will look your best.  Your images will be finalized on a high resolution, accurate monitor.  Every professional photograph you see has been retouched and edited.  We know all of the best techniques to make your images stand out.  Our images look natural and authentic and our retouching is exactly the way you like it.

Here are some of the aspects of the post-production aspect for business portraits.



Lighten Under Eyes

Reducing dark circles and bags under the eyes is a standard practice for any professional headshot.  This is one area where retouching must be done carefully, in order to keep the authenticity of the photo.  Poorly retouched areas under the eyes are easy to spot and make the viewer question the integrity of the photograph.



Matching Eyes

Almost everyone has a slight eye difference, and sometimes that comes out in photos.  As shown here, it’s possible to match eyes by slightly adjust one eye to match the other.  If this is something you’re concerned about, rest assured we can handle it.

Background Changes

We’ll decide on a background ahead of time, but if needed, the background of your corporate headshot can be tweaked and adjusted after the shoot.  Different colors and effects can change the overall impression and “vibe” of the image.

Remove Spots and Blemishes

Don’t worry if you have any blemishes on the day of your session.  These are always removed in retouching.

Hair Cleanup

We watch for hair during the session to make sure your hair looks perfect.  However, sometimes a photo’s expression is just too good to pass up, but the hair isn’t quite perfect.  Here, we were able to “clean up” hair in post-production to make sure this woman’s hair looks picture perfect.  In this example, we merged the hair from the desired photo with the hair from a separate photo from the same session.

Teeth Whitening

Every headshot we deliver is scanned for any yellowing in the teeth.  We make sure to correct for this on each headshot we deliver.

Tie Adjustments

If requested, tie color adjustments can be performed after the shoot.  Shirt color changes are also possible.

Weight Reduction (by request only)

For those clients that request it, weight reduction via photo editing can be accomplished.  Some clients may be taking medicine that causes temporary weight gain or bloating.  We never do weight reduction without being asked, but it is possible in the editing process.

Dental Correction (by request only)

Occasionally, my clients will request to have adjustment done to their teeth.  For example, we can reduce the length of canine teeth or fill in gaps in teeth.  Like weight reduction, we only perform this by request.

Whatever you decide your image needs, we can work together to make it happen.

Let us show you how easy it is to cross photography off your to-do list.

What others are saying…

Wayne Dunbar


Life Sales, LLC
Wayne Dunbar, Vice President, Marketing
“Our company has had the pleasure of working with Lisa for over 10 years. She is very professional and working with her is easy and seamless.  In our industry it is challenging to develop relationships over the phone.  Captured Memoriescreated quality professional business portraits for our company that give our website, marketing materials, and LinkedIn pages a new dimension of professionalism and personalization. Captured Memories is front of mind for our future projects.”

Cherie Ross IMG_2449Cherie Ross

“Before seeing this new photo, I was happy with the one you took a while back when I was still in business as Ross Financial Planning! (I have been retired for almost 13 years!!) However, I love this new photo and would love to use it for my headshot for our club website. You really do great work. There isn’t a bad photo in any of the head shots and the group photo is perfect!. 
I would also like a 2 5”X 7” photos suitable for framing since my husband Rob loves it too and wants to have it on his desk at work. He already has our dog on his desk so it is about time that I make an appearance!! Thank you again for making magic happen by making me look good!”

:Murphy-Don-00144 copy
Don Murphy

Past District Governor
Rotary District 5220
A professional portrait seating in under a minute? Difficult to imagine, and yet for over a decade Lisa Fish of Captured Memories Photography has photographed around 500 participants at each of our annual seminars and at an average sitting time measured in seconds. The seminar contracts with Captured Memories to provide digital images for our participant organization directories. Many participants also take advantage of her available additional products including high resolution prints and great looking business cards.”

We specialize in headshots and promotional photography. Our business is creating clean, professional, and engaging headshots and promotional photographs for all professionals, and anyone else who needs to promote themselves with an image. More than just headshots, we create dynamic images that showcase your industry expertise and instill confidence in your market.


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